Gain application intelligence

Splunk provides developers with simple and effective capabilities to quickly identify and precisely pinpoint code-level issues at any layer of the stack, as well as derive analytics from application logs without pre-defining a schema or report format.

Usage analytics

Splunk's late binding schema and powerful search language help developers analyze semantic data and deliver powerful business-level insights around user trends, preferences, feature adoption, and more. With Splunk, developers can use the logs generated from applications to get powerful business insights without building or implementing special-purpose software.

Transaction intelligence

By writing intelligence in the application logs through the practice of semantic logging, developers can get trace transactions across machines and find out exactly where an issue arose without complex instrumentation or the need to adhere to a rigid schema.

Resolve issues faster

Splunk enables developers to quickly trace errors to improve code quality and reduce time to market. As code moves from unit testing to staging environments, Splunk can be invaluable in tracking and benchmarking high-volume stress tests.

It's all in the logs

Here's how you can get started: read the logging overview, then follow these logging best practices.