Develop an app or add-on


Create an app

Create an app using Splunk Web, then configure the properties, data inputs, knowledge objects, permissions, and alerts for the app.

>  Learn more about creating Splunk apps


Create an add-on

Use the Splunk Add-on Builder to create add-ons, configure data inputs, create a setup page, perform field extractions, and add CIM mapping using a UI. The Add-on Builder also validates your add-on against best practices and provides suggestions for fixing issues before you package your add-on for distribution.

>  Learn more about the Splunk Add-on Builder


Create dashboards and visualizations

The Splunk Web Framework is the full stack that makes building a Splunk app looks and feel like building any modern web application. Developers can build an application with custom dashboards, charts, form searches, and other functionality using Simple XML, HTML, and JavaScript.

>  Learn more about the Splunk Web Framework


Add navigation

Add navigation to your app to specify how users will access the dashboards, reports, data models, and alerts in your app. Build navigation for your app so users can access the dashboards, reports, and other features of your app.

>  Learn how to add navigation


Manage state

The App Key Value Store (KV Store) feature of Splunk Enterprise provides a way to save and retrieve data within your Splunk apps, thereby enabling you to manage and maintain the state of the application.

>  Learn more about the App Key Value Store


Add supportability

Provide additional data about the troubleshooting information that Splunk Diag collects from your app to support your customers, and use this information yourself for troubleshooting.

>  Learn how to add app supportability


Add licensing requirements

Add licensing requirements for an entire app or for specific functions within the app.

>  Learn how to add licensing requirements


Create a setup page

If your app requires user input to be configured, add a setup page for users to fill out the first time they run the app.

>  Learn how to create setup pages


Create custom search commands

Customize search commands to better meet your needs to perform custom processing or calculations. You can add a custom Python search script to Splunk Enterprise.

>  Learn how to create custom search commands using the Splunk SDK for Python

>  Read about custom search commands in the Search Manual



>  For help with search efficiency and dashboards, see tips for creating Splunk apps