Welcome to the Splunk Developer Program

Build apps that Turn Data into Doing ™ with Splunk.

Deliver apps and integrations that bring new kinds of data into the Splunk platform and deliver data-based insights, enabling users to investigate, monitor, analyze and act to make better and smarter decisions. Get started today.

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Featuring: Splunk Investigate

Splunk Investigate provides modern app-dev teams with a powerful, collaborative interface to easily investigate multiple data sources with reliable scalability and zero administration.

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Should I develop for Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud Services?

Deliver your app for the popular Splunk Enterprise, used by more than 15k customers, or access Splunk Cloud Services via REST APIs and SDKs from your custom-built cloud-native app.

Splunk Enterprise

  • Customers add apps to the Splunk platform, requiring no app hosting by the app developer
  • Apps run in customer’s Splunk Cloud instance or on-premises in Splunk Enterprise
  • More than 2000 apps available in Splunkbase marketplace—deliver your app here, too

Splunk Cloud Services

  • Built for modern cloud app development
  • Access our cloud-native Splunk Cloud Services, delivered at scale
  • Host your app wherever you choose