Splunk platform custom visualizations API

Unique use cases and data sets can require custom visualizations. Use the Splunk platform custom visualization API to create visualizations that admins can download and install from Splunkbase. Users can access and configure installed custom visualizations in Splunk Web. The API lets you create a user experience consistent with the standard Splunk platform visualization set.

Release notes

The custom visualization API has been updated for Splunk software version 6.5 and is now fully supported. If you are building a new custom visualization app, use the latest version of the API.

Developers who built apps using the experimental API offered with software version 6.4 are encouraged to update their apps.

For more details on API updates and migration advice for existing custom visualization apps, see API updates and migration advice in the Developing Views and Apps for Splunk Web manual.

Developer resources


Build a custom visualization
Learn how to create a working custom visualization. This tutorial includes steps for creating an example visualization, developer best practices, and example code.

API details and best practices
Custom visualization API reference
Review custom visualization components and app directory structure.

API updates and migration advice
Get migration information for apps built using the previous API version.

Formatter API reference
Review components of the user interface for formatting visualizations.

User experience
Design guidelines
Implement custom visualization appearance and behavior.

Data handling guidelines
Work with user search results and data format errors.

API interactions
Custom visualizations in Simple XML
Add a custom visualization to a dashboard and configure it in Simple XML.

Custom visualizations in SplunkJS
Access and instantiate a custom visualization in SplunkJS.


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