Debug slow operations and monitor KV Store activity

You can monitor KV Store activity on the KV Store: Instance and KV Store: Deployment dashboards of the Monitoring Console, which is available to Administrators in Splunk Web under the Settings menu.

Monitoring Console

In addition to the metrics that are collected there, you can use profiling to debug slow KV Store operations. When profiling is enabled, operations that exceed a specified time threshold are logged in the introspection index. However, you should only enable profiling while developing and troubleshooting your app because profiling can impact system performance, so you should disable profiling in a production environment.

To enable profiling and set the profiling threshold, use the following settings in the collection's stanza in collections.conf:

  • profilingEnabled: A Boolean that indicates whether to log slow-running operations, as defined in profilingThresholdMs.
  • profilingThresholdMs: An integer defining a slow-running operation, in milliseconds. If 0, all operations are logged. Note that this setting impacts the performance of the collection.

The following example shows how to enable profiling for the "kvstorecoll" collection by modifying the collections.conf file:

enforceTypes = true
field.mykvstore_name = string
field.mykvstore_id = number
field.mykvstore_name = string
field.mykvstore_address_street = string
field.mykvstore_address_city = string
field.mykvstore_address_state = string
field.mykvstore_address_zip = string
accelerated_fields.my_accel = {"mykvstore_id": 1}
profilingEnabled = true
profilingThresholdMs = 500

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