Run AppInspect requests through Postman

Postman provides a GUI to test, develop, and monitor REST endpoints. In the Postman GUI, you define a script to interact with a REST service, and then trigger a request. After you import the AppInspect scripts, you can use Postman to run AppInspect and see your results.

Import the AppInspect scripts into Postman

  1. Download and install Postman from
  2. Download the Splunk AppInspect scripts from and save a local copy.
  3. In Postman, import the Splunk AppInspect scripts.

After you import the scripts, you can find them listed in the AppInspect - Production collection in the navigation pane.

Authenticate an app with

  1. In Postman, in the AppInspect - Production collection, click the Authenticate script.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click Send.

A success message is displayed in the response pane. Your authorization token is saved for use in future Postman requests.

Submit an app to AppInspect for validation

  1. In Postman, in the AppInspect - Production collection, select one of the following scripts:
    • For all AppInspect checks, select the Submit script.
    • For Cloud Vetting checks, select the Submit-Cloud_only script.
    • To find out whether an app can be installed in Splunk Cloud automatically, select the Submit-SSAI_only script.
  2. Select the Body tab.
  3. Click Choose Files.
  4. Select the app to review.
  5. Click Open.
  6. Click Send.

Postman displays a message and a request ID in the response pane. Postman saves the request ID to your report until you submit a new app.

View the status of a validation

  1. In Postman, click the Status script.
  2. Click Send.

During validation, you see a summary of checks and a status message.

A SUCCESS status means that the validation is complete, not that the app is approved.

View the results of a validation

The results of a validation are included in a report that includes information about the app, information about the validation run, and a summary and detailed list of the validation results.

  1. In Postman, click Report - HTML.
  2. Click Send.
  3. Click Preview.

The report is displayed. To download the report, click the dropdown arrow next to Send and select Send and Download.