Splunk and Open Source

Splunk is engaged in a number of open source projects to create open APIs ranging from SDKs to integration with other data stores. Here is a list of the existing Splunk open source projects. All of the Splunk open source projects are hosted on GitHub. If you are interested in contributing to one of our projects, click either the individual or company link above.

Splunk SDKs

Splunk's SDKs enable developers to build a wide variety of applications. You can learn more about what you can do with Splunk SDKs here. You can also check out our SDKs on GitHub:

Splunk Hadoop Integration (shep)

Shep is what will enable seamless two-way data-flow across Splunk and Hadoop, as well as opening up two-way compute operations across data residing in both systems. Shep is currently in private beta. Read Introducing Shep on the Splunk Dev blog to learn more.

Splunk Shuttl

Shuttl is an open source product that works with Splunk to reliably archive your Splunk data to another system and lets you restore that data on demand. For more information, see Shuttl for Big Data Archiving on the Splunk Dev blog. Shuttl is open source under the Apache License, Version 2.0, so you can modify the code in accordance with the license and contribute back to the project.


Splunkgit allows you to visualize data that is retrievable through GitHub. The application allows developers to easily overview and analyze the status of a repository. To make the application useful for non-GitHub projects, the app has been designed to separate the GitHub and Git repository code. Read the Splunkgit blog post to learn more.

Splunk PowerShell Resource Kit

The Splunk PowerShell Resource Kit enables Windows administrators to manage and extend their Splunk environment to support a variety of tasks. The first version allows administrators to manage Splunk's topology, configure its internal, and engage the Splunk search engine.