Getting started with the Splunk SDK for JavaScript

Getting started with the Splunk® SDK for JavaScript is easy:

  1. Get Splunk Enterprise
  2. Check prerequisites
  3. Install the SDK
  4. Save your connection info (optional)
  5. Use the helper script (optional)

In addition, you should read up on dependencies and special considerations when communicating across domains.

Next steps

Once you've set up the SDK, try it out

  • Try the examples:
    • Run the client-side examples in a browser.
    • Run the server-side examples at a command line.
  • Run the unit tests

For more in-depth explanations of some of the more common uses for the Splunk SDK for JavaScript, see the How-tos:

  • How to connect to splunkd and log in.
  • How to list, create, and run saved searches.
  • How to list search jobs, create new jobs by running different search types, and display search results in different formats.
  • How to add, view, and modify your indexes.
  • How to add, view, and modify the users of the Splunk system to control access to Splunk.