Check prerequisites

Beyond Splunk® Enterprise, you'll need a few more things before you can install and use the Splunk SDK for JavaScript:

  • Either Node.js or io.js is required for server-side scripting, building files, running server and client examples, running unit tests, and generating documentation. Download Node.js or io.js and install the version for your platform.


    • The current version of the Splunk SDK for JavaScript requires Node.js version 0.8.x, 0.10.x, or 0.12.x. Using the SDK with earlier versions will no longer work. If you are upgrading to the latest version of the SDK, be sure to update your install of Node.js as well.
    • Both io.js and Node.js version 0.8.x and later also include the Node Package Manager (NPM), which is required for the SDK.
  • A compatible browser. We've tested the Splunk SDK for JavaScript with the following browsers:

    • Apple Safari
    • Google Chrome
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (and version 7 in compatibility mode)
    • Mozilla Firefox
  • JSON support. When running in a web browser, the SDK's only dependency is JSON support. If your site supports older browsers, you might need to include JSON handling for compatibility. To learn more, see the JSON website.