Building Splunk Solutions


The Splunk developer platform enables developers to take advantage of their web development skills and the same underlying technologies that power the core Splunk Enterprise product to build exciting new apps and solutions that address your specific use cases and technologies.

Building Splunk Solutions includes two reference apps and associated applied engineering guidance to help you become productive, competent and successful in building, testing and deploying comprehensive Splunk solutions. The reference apps are complete, end-to-end real-world apps build together with our partners which are meant to showcase various underlying technologies as well as good and proven practices and patterns.

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Questions, comments, suggestions? To provide feedback about this release, to get help with any problems, or to stay connected with other developers building on Splunk Enterprise please visit community site.

Support and Community Contributions

We strongly value user feedback and appreciate your bug reports/feature requests for future releases. Please use Issues on GitHub to submit them.

You can also contribute to our code base and revise/propose new content for the Splunk Developer Guide. We accept pull requests after you submit your signed contribution agreement.

Authors and Contributors

These are the members of the development team who produced the PAS app, the Auth0 app, and the accompanying guide:

  • Vision and Product Management: Grigori Melnik (Splunk).
  • Business Requirements: Randy Hammelman and Dave Weir (Conducive Consulting), Eugenio Pace and Matias Woloski (Auth0).
  • Project Management: Ari Brown (Splunk)
  • Development: David FosterSatoshi Kawasaki and Grigori Melnik, and David Poncelow (Splunk), Randy Hammelman and Praveen Pohar (Conducive Consulting), Eugenio Pace and Sebastian Iacomuzzi (Auth0).
  • User Experience: Peter Stern (Blink Interactive), Brian Carlos Reyes (Splunk).
  • Testing: Liying Jiang (Splunk).
  • Documentation: Dominic Betts (Content Master Ltd.), Grigori Melnik, David Foster, and Liying Jiang (Splunk).
  • Edit, Post-Production and Release: RoAnn Corbisier (Independent), Chris Burns (Independent), Stephanie CoffaneyFranck Curier, and Matthew Tevenan (Splunk).

Many thanks to the following people who provided meaningful feedback and support:

  • Our customers - Bernie Macias of Zillow, Kate Engel of Morgan Stanley, Brad Newman of ViewPost, Mika Borner of LC Systems-Engineering, and Serdar Sutay of Chef - for beta testing the reference app and reviewing our technical guidance.
  • Our colleagues - Chris Bauer, Dritan Bitincka, Brent Boe, Dennis Bourg, Jack Coates, Macy Cronkrite, Damien Dallimore, Mark Groves, Oleg Izmerly, Alex James, Satoshi Kawasaki, Edward Kostowski, Divanny Lamas, David Maislin, David Noble, Sanford Owings, David Poncelow, Michael Porath, Hal Rottenberg, Michael Szebenyi, Eric Woo, Brian Wooden, Simeon Yep, and Dmitrii Zakharov - for providing feedback on the project and reviewing our technical guidance.
  • Stephen Sorkin, Splunk’s Chief Strategy Officer for being a trusted advisor, our project sponsor, and a strong advocate for the developer ecosystem.
  • Mark Groves for letting us loose, yet providing important suggestions and steering the project.
  • Glenn Block for diligent review of the questions backlog, validating the HTTP Event Collector scenarios and implementation, continuing advocacy of the project among customers, and thoughtful doc reviews.
  • Jack Coates and Adrian Hall for insights on extensibility and various aspects of compliance to the Common Information Model.
  • David Carasso and Alex Raitz for validating our approach, asking questions, and providing pointers to capabilities of Splunk we didn't know existed.
  • Matt Elting, Siegfried Puchbauer, Nick Filippi, and Carl Yestrau for consulting with us on the particulars of the UI framework and custom alert actions.
  • Clint Sharp for many insights on using and troubleshooting eventgen.
  • Sanford Owings for the valuable real-world insights on the distributed deployment considerations.
  • Denis Gladkikh for conducting code reviews and providing ideas for improvements.
  • Jon Rooney, Misty Gibbs, and Erick Mechler for marketing and communication support.
  • Fred Wilmot for security review, identifying a vulnerability, and helping come up with a better implementation.
  • Randy Young, Amrit Bath, Margaret Lee, and Alex Munk for supporting and deploying the PAS app to the Splunk Cloud Sandbox.
  • Alex Prokhorenko and Terry Martin for support in publishing and certifying the reference apps.
  • Christopher Gales for guiding our documentation adventures.
  • Paddy Griffin and Rick Roberts for the metaphors and diagrams that help explain Splunk concepts.
  • Ashwin Kedia for the initial facilitation of the partnership with Conducive.
  • Ji-Hyun Park for legal support, Patricia Iorg, Rendi Miller, and Dee Bender for administrative support.
  • Manish Sainani for validating our approach to anomaly detection.

The development team thanks our executive team for their leadership and ongoing support of our effort: Godfrey Sullivan, Stephen Sorkin, Guido Schroeder, Doug Merritt, Steve Sommer, Snehal Antani, Shay Mowlem, Markus Zirn, Markus Zirn, Krishna Tammana, Carola Thompson, and Colin Savage.

We gratefully recognize participants of SplunkLive! and .conf.