Overview of the Splunk SDK for C# 2.x

Splunk is excited to announce the availability of the Splunk SDK for C# version 2—a complete rewrite of the existing Splunk SDK for C# that introduces brand-new APIs. Unlike version 1.0.x of the SDK, which was based on Splunk SDK for Java APIs and followed Java naming conventions, version 2.x of the SDK features APIs that meet C# developer community expectations, are asynchronous, follow .NET guidelines, and abide by FxCop and StyleCop rules. In addition, the API client in the Splunk SDK for C# v2.x is a Portable Class Library (PCL), and supports development targeting the .NET Framework 4.5, Windows Store applications, and Windows Phone 8.1 applications. Using third-party development tools, you can additionally develop for non-Windows platforms such as iOS, Android, Linux, and OS X.

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