Splunk Community Projects

There are a number of open source projects that take advantage of Splunk. Check out these great projects from our community of developers.

Splunk Flurry Connector

This app provides a scripted input for Splunk that automatically extracts event logs from Flurry. It is tested on Splunk 4.3.2. This input permits the use of Splunk's advanced data analysis capabilities on Flurry data. This is particularly useful if your application logs custom events and you want to perform custom analyses on them.
It was developed by one of our very own @splunkdev developers, David Foster. Find him on GitHub here: (davidfstr)

Splunk Java Logging Framework

The purpose of this project is to create a logging framework to allow developers to as seamlessly as possible integrate Splunk best practice logging semantics into their code. There are also custom handler/appender implementations for the three Java logging frameworks.

It was developed by Damien Dallimore (@damiendallimore)

AWS CloudWatch into Splunk

This application will pull metrics from AWS Cloudwatch into Splunk and provides sample dashboards for EC2, ELB, RDS, EBS. It will also pull in the Alarm History for your account and put it in a timeline for you to browse. Developed by Bryan Brandau (@agent462) and Andrew Painter.

Check out AWS CloudWatch into Splunk on GitHub

Splunk & Chef on Amazon EC2

The Chef cookbook provides recipes for installing Splunk Server, Splunk Forwarders, and a few sample Splunk Apps (DeploymentMonitor, PDF Server, *nix) in Amazon EC2. It also includes a provider for installing other Splunk Apps. Developed by Bryan Brandau (@agent462) and Aaron Peterson.

Get the cookbook on GitHub

Splunk & Splunk Storm & Fluentd

This plugin allows you to stream logs from fluentd event collector to your splunk installation (or splunkstorm.com). It was developed by Abhishek Parolkar (@parolkar)

Watch the video to learn more
Get the plugin on GitHub

Splunk for JMX

SPLUNK for JMX can be used to poll local or remote JMX Management Servers running in Java Virtual Machines across your entire infrastructure and index MBean attributes and outputs from MBean operations. It was developed by Damien Dallimore (@damiendallimore)

Checkout Splunk for JMX on GitHub