What's new in the Splunk AppInspect API

This topic summarizes the changes included in each version of the Splunk AppInspect API.


From this version forward, the AppInspect API is released separately from the AppInspect CLI tool to communicate API changes to the user in a more timely fashion. In previous releases, despite more frequent updates on the API side, the user had to wait until the next AppInspect API and CLI tool release to be informed of the changes.

New features and enhancements

Using AppInspect API for app validation also includes all the new features and enhancements in the latest AppInspect CLI tool release in addition to what's listed in this section. See What's New in AppInspect CLI tool for details.

  • Enables Google Safe Browsing API service to identify malicious URLs in apps
  • Identifies lookups created on the fly before running saved searches for validation
  • Adds callback URL support for API requests
  • Better handling of repeated requests in a certain period of time to avoid duplication
  • Updated API Swagger UI
  • Java runtime service updated to jre-8
  • Enhancements made to the Splunk Enterprise instances for validating apps:
    • Splunk Enterprise version upgraded to 7.1.0
    • CIM 4.12.0 installed as a prerequisite component
    • ES dependencies integrated
    • Guarantees Splunk KV store readiness before app inspection