AppInspect fixed issues

The following table contains a complete list of current Splunk AppInspect fixed issues.

Publication date Defect number Description
2018-07-06 ACD-2488 Inaccurate regex pattern for valid version numbers in check_that_extracted_splunk_app_contains_default_app_conf_file_with_valid_version_number.
2018-06-06 ACD-2401 check_that_splunk_app_package_type_is_not_zip_type does not contain a self-service tag.
2018-04-19 ACD-2291 Custom alert_action parameters cause AppInspect to fail.
2018-04-11 ACD-2277 check_for_bin_files does not include appserver/controllers in the whitelist.
2018-07-31 ACD-2549 check_authorize_conf_admin_all_objects_privileges does not check roles imported from splunk-system-role.
2018-03-14ACD-2210The Appinspect CLI list does not work as expected with multiple tags.