AppInspect fixed issues

The following table contains a complete list of current Splunk AppInspect fixed issues.

Publication date Defect number Description
2018-02-05 ACD-2128 Extracted app packages and associated temporary directories are often not cleaned up by AppInspect.
2017-06-30 ACD-1620 web.conf check_web_conf_expose_patterns_have_restmap_matches not respecting [admin:*] [admin_external:*] stanzas
2017-05-17 ACD-1547 Check check_documentation_language - langdetect will throw Exception for empty README.
2017-05-01ACD-1526Change check_datamodel_acceleration to Look for Accelerated Data Models Specifically
2017-04-18 ACD-1516 Check for props.conf referencing transforms.conf to require DELIMS or REGEX should not apply to xml or json KV_MODEs.
2017-03-31 ACD-1476 Appinspect CLI: reports tarfile.ReadError.
2017-03-15 ACD-1434 Incorrect tagging on check_app_version for AppCert.
2017-02-15 ACD-1355 Fix check_inputs_conf_matches_spec_scheme to Account For Partial Matches.
2017-02-14ACD-1351False Alarm in checking all capture groups are used in transforms.conf
2017-02-01 ACD-1281 check_alert_actions_conf_does_not_have_command_property should check for alert.execute.cmd not command.
2017-01-24 ACD-1226 Modular Inputs spec file not properly ignoring "://myschema" suffix causing false positive failures in Appinspect.
2016-12-27 ACD-1164 Always get errors on Windows about the file permission.
2016-11-16 ACD-1049 Appinspect pip install -requirements.txt fails on Win7x64 virtualenv.
2016-10-23 ACD-981 AppInspect CLI throws error when running Mod Input check that requires inputs.conf file.
2016-10-19 ACD-941 Appinspect reports exception "Syntax Error near Unexpected Token".
2016-10-12 ACD-875 Appinspect reports exception "Exception: Unable to gather app data- check app.conf. (Exception('No launcher section in app.conf',))" on attached app.
2016-09-26 ACD-820 Check for execute permissions needs to permit platform specific binaries.
2016-06-28 ACD-591 Modular Inputs checks do not handle non-python script schemes.
2016-06-16 ACD-560 Fix Mod Input Checks to Clarify What Failed in Malformed XML.
2016-03-06 ACD-229 Operating system standards - No hard-coded filepaths picking up bash prompts.
2016-03-06 ACD-227 Documentation standards - Find Readme not finding file in certain scenarios.
2016-02-16 ACD-183 Fix Error Catching For InvalidTrailingCharacter
2016-02-16 ACD-182 Wrong Output Returned for Transform Check
2016-02-11 ACD-164 Source code and binaries standards - incorrectly checking arch directories.