AppInspect CLI tool fixed issues

The following table contains a complete list of current Splunk AppInspect CLI tool fixed issues.

Publication date Defect number Description
13/Mar/19 ACD-3169 check_lookup_csv_is_valid returns false positives
13/Mar/19 ACD-3168 check_for_noninteger_height_option returns false positives
07/Mar/19 ACD-3147 Errors in check_for_formatter_html_css_expressions and check_for_formatter_html_inline_style_attributes
28/Feb/19 ACD-3117 Incorrect wording in check_for_advanced_xml_web_conf_endpoints
28/Feb/19 ACD-3116 Incorrect messages from check_for_simple_xml_list_element
28/Feb/19 ACD-3115 check_lookup_csv_is_valid doesn't cover the scenario that valid CSV files with no binary data can contain literal ascii character sequences like "0x15"
28/Feb/19 ACD-3114 check_rest_handler_scripts_exist and check_rest_handler_scripts_exist_for_cloud don't cover the scenario in which matching handler script is in a subdirectory of the app bin directory
09/Feb/19 ACD-3039 REGRESSION Latest version of AppInspect returns invalid commands.conf failure
21/Jan/19 ACD-3002 Regex in check_scripted_inputs_cmd_path_pattern is not applicable to all platforms
14/Jun/17 ACD-1576 Three conflicting checks for app that attempt to monitor their own log
15/Dec/16 ACD-1138 and check_for_advanced_xml_view_element return false positives
23/Aug/16 ACD-720 Appinspect Windows - colon split bug