AppInspect fixed issues

The following table contains a complete list of current Splunk AppInspect fixed issues.

Publication date Defect number Description
2017-03-13 ACD-1238 Some users were encountering "ImportError: 'module' object has no attribute 'main'" when running splunk-appinspect in certain environments.
2017-02-28 ACD-1296 Previously the check check_metadata_white_list returned a manual_check if there were non .meta files in the metadata directory. Now that check correctly returns a failure.
2017-02-28 ACD-1162 Refined check_for_splunk_js_header_and_footer_view to be a warning instead of failure, as deprecation does not mean removed from Splunk core support. Users are still encouraged to replace HeaderView and FooterView if they are only targeting Splunk Enterprise 6.5.x.
2017-02-28 ACD-1115 Checks in the ITSI group have been improved to reduce false positives. ITSI checks will now run only if the app is an ITSI module.
2017-02-28 ACD-1075 Apps can no longer create create roles that grant administrative permissions. AppInspect prevents apps from defining roles that:
  • Create a role with admin_all_objects = enabled in any stanza.
  • Create a role that inherits from admin: importRoles = admin.
  • Create a role that inherits from sc_admin: importRoles = sc_admin.
  • Create a role with change_authentication = enabled.
2017-02-28 ACD-1034 Empty local/ directories will no longer cause AppInspect to produce a manual_check result.
2017-02-28 ACD-1033 Previously, if you used the "cloud" tag, the default bin/readme.txt file would be flagged for manual review. This has been removed and apps with just this file in the bin directory will not be flagged for manual review.
2017-02-28 ACD-982 Checks for Automatic updates and platform specific binaries no longer report a manual check if the bin/ and architecture-specific binary directories are empty or non-existent. In these cases the checks will return not_applicable rather than manual_check.
2017-02-28 ACD-875 AppInspect now generates a clear error when the app fails because default/app.conf is missing instead of silently failing.
2017-02-28 ACD-812 Certain checks overlap in the final AppInspect report output on Windows.
2017-02-28 ACD-748 Previous versions of AppInspect returned an exit code that reflected the number of failed checks as the exit code for the app. AppInspect v1.3.0 and later changes this behavior that so that the exit code follows these rules:
  • If AppInspect completes correctly, it returns a error code 0 (zero).
  • If AppInspect has errors but completed the run, return an error code of 1.
  • If AppInspect has errors that prevent it from completing the run, return an error code of 2.
  • If AppInspect is provided an bundle without an app.conf file or the bundle isn't an app at all, return an error code of 3.