AppInspect CLI tool known issues

The following table lists known issues in this release of the Splunk AppInspect CLI tool.

Publication date Defect number Description
21/Dec/18 ACD-2944 Appinspect incorrectly flags checklists.conf as a custom conf file.
09/May/17 ACD-1533 False alarm in transforms.conf capture group check
31/Jan/17 ACD-1276 Alert Action Icon check returns absolute path instead of a relative path in app
19/Jan/17 ACD-1214 [sourcetype1] stanza fails props.conf check
16/Aug/16 ACD-704 Config files with BOM characters on the first line contain mis-typed stanzas
23/Jul/16 ACD-650 Simple XML Sparkline uses css style heights
15/Jun/16 ACD-556 Transforms.conf check does not match format regex capture groups correctly
06/Jun/16 ACD-543 Manual checks not required for HTML files - check_for_executable_flag
19/May/16 ACD-510 Alert action icons are not properly checked
19/May/16 ACD-509 False alarm in transforms.conf capture group check
22/Apr/16 ACD-384 False alarm in checking REPORT- match
08/Mar/16 ACD-232 False positives in checks for malware/viruses, malicious content, user security standards