AppInspect known issues

The following table contains a complete list of current Splunk AppInspect known issues.

Publication dateDefect numberDescription
2018-09-18ACD-2718check_manipulation_outside_of_app_container is incompatible with Windows.
2018-08-22ACD-2695check_for_expansive_permissions is incompatible with Windows.
2018-08-22ACD-2436No automated check to ensure that iframes that reference a non-Splunk domain have the sandbox attribute set.
2018-02-05ACD-2133check_inputs_conf_for_global_settings does not provide actionable information on error.
2018-01-26ACD-2099AppInspect allows inputs.conf to specify non-existant indexes.
2018-01-05ACD-2028check_inputs_conf_for_batch fails when [batch://<my_app_dir>] is specified.
2017-10-17ACD-1827AppInspect CLI: check_no_default_stanzas needs exceptions for savedsearches.conf
2017-10-10ACD-1816AppInspect splunk-appinspect- won't install on AWS AMI (EC2)
2017-09-08ACD-1743AppInspect CLI: misleading error messages when package contains "__MACOSX" directory
2017-08-21ACD-1707AppInspect CLI: filename for check is set to formatter when max-messages reached
2017-07-20ACD-1639Appinspect CLI: reports exception "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position X-Y: ordinal not in range(128)"
2017-04-19ACD-1518AppInspect CLI: OSX only: some app-files causing "file" command to return non-zero exit status 1
2017-04-18ACD-1515Appinspect CLI: reports error "No such conf file" on app
2017-04-18ACD-1513AppInspect CLI: reports error "NoOptionError: No option 'search_fragment' exists in section 'status_matrix'"
2017-04-17ACD-1510AppInspect CLI: reports error "error : xmlAddDocEntity: document without internal subset"
2017-01-30ACD-1276Alert Action Icon check returns absolute path instead of a relative path in app
2017-01-30ACD-1272Windows: AppInspect CLI: check check_for_expansive_permissions and check_for_bin_files return invalid results on Windows
2017-01-18ACD-1214[sourcetype1] stanza fails props.conf check
2016-12-14ACD-1138Fix check_for_advanced_xml_view_element to Match Correctly
2016-11-17ACD-1057Windows: AppInspect CLI: app.App.is_executable() reporting different results on OSX vs Windows
2016-11-03ACD-1014Check that apps only monitor their own directory has an issue when Windows paths are used.
2016-08-22ACD-720Appinspect Windows - colon split bug
2016-08-15ACD-704Config files with BOM characters on first line have mis-typed stanzas
2016-07-22ACD-650Simple XML Sparkline uses css style heights
2016-06-14ACD-556Transforms.conf Check Not Matching Format Regex Capture Groups Correctly
2016-06-05ACD-543Manual checks not required for HTML files - check_for_executable_flag
2016-05-19ACD-510Alert action icons are not properly checked
2016-05-18ACD-509False alarm in transforms.conf capture group check
2016-05-09ACD-440Commands.conf needs to only check for a exe file when specified.
2016-04-21ACD-384False alarm in checking REPORT- match
2016-04-13ACD-355Ignore .rst files when checking for urls and other disallowed text.
2016-03-07ACD-232Malware/viruses, malicious content, user security standards - False positives