AppInspect known issues

The following table contains a complete list of current Splunk AppInspect known issues.

Publication date Defect Number Description
2017-02-28 ACD-164 Source code and binaries standards: incorrectly checking arch directories.
2017-02-28 ACD-182 Wrong output returned for transform check.
2017-02-28 ACD-183 Fix error-catching for InvalidTrailingCharacter.
2017-02-28 ACD-184 Source code and binaries standards: Incorrect check on PNG files. Check that URLs do not include redirect or requests.
2017-02-28 ACD-227 Documentation standards: Find README not finding file in certain scenarios.
2017-02-28 ACD-229 Operating system standards: No hard-coded filepaths picking up bash prompts.
2017-02-28 ACD-232 Malware/viruses, malicious content, user security standards: False positives.
2017-02-28 ACD-284 The props.conf REPORT transformation check message is missing stanza name.
2017-02-28 ACD-384 False alarm in checking REPORT- match.
2017-02-28 ACD-400 Check check_splunk_6_4_deprecated_features has duplicate output.
2017-02-28 ACD-419 Check check_modular_inputs.check_validate_modular_inputs_scheme_args prints full path not relative path.
2017-02-28 ACD-440 commands.conf needs to only check for an .exe file when specified.
2017-02-28 ACD-477 Identify setup.xml password disclosure omissions.
2017-02-28 ACD-483 "Truncates" check reports results at 25 lines, hiding valuable data for manual review.
2017-02-28 ACD-509 False alarm in transforms.conf capture group check.
2017-02-28 ACD-510 Alert action icons are not properly checked.
2017-02-28 ACD-514 Remove Whitespace in variables of configuration files during parsing.
2017-02-28 ACD-543 Manual checks not required for HTML files: check_for_executable_flag.
2017-02-28 ACD-556 transforms.conf check not matching format regex capture groups correctly.
2017-02-28 ACD-560 Fix modular input checks to clarify what failed in malformed XML.
2017-02-28 ACD-589 Fix app class' Iterate_Files method To exclude directories by path and not just name.
2017-02-28 ACD-644 Remove pattern methods from
2017-02-28 ACD-647 Check check_documentation_language/langdetect returns an error for Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure.
2017-02-28 ACD-649 Should skip CSV files (and maybe others as well) for sudo check.
2017-02-28 ACD-650 Simple XML Sparkline uses css style heights
2017-02-28 ACD-704 Config files with no header or comments on first line have mistyped stanzas.
2017-02-28 ACD-762 AppInspect CLI still references splunk_instance/standalone.
2017-02-28 ACD-787 CLI adding code to JSON output for manual and not applicable checks.
2017-02-28 ACD-809 Check check_validate_no_embedded_javascript false flag.
2017-02-28 ACD-820 Check for execute permissions needs to permit platform specific binaries.
2017-02-28 ACD-849 False positive on non-UTF-8 compliant characters.
2017-02-28 ACD-875 AppInspect reports exception "Exception: Unable to gather app data- check app.conf. (Exception('No launcher section in app.conf',))" on attached app.
2017-02-28 ACD-879 Fix the test_for_unused_packages test to make it so that nested directories are detected correctly.
2017-02-28 ACD-939 AppInspect reports exception "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position X-Y: ordinal not in range(128)".
2017-02-28 ACD-940 AppInspect reports exception "Permission Denied".
2017-02-28 ACD-941 AppInspect reports exception "Syntax Error near Unexpected Token".
2017-02-28 ACD-942 AppInspect reports exception "Exception: Unable to gather app data- check app.conf. (Exception('No such file or directory',))".
2017-02-28 ACD-943 AppInspect reports exception "Exception: Unable to gather app data- check app.conf. (Exception('Permission Denied',))".
2017-02-28 ACD-981 AppInspect CLI throws error when running modular input check that requires inputs.conf file.
2017-02-28 ACD-1007 Check check_validate_no_embedded_javascript false positive.
2017-02-28 ACD-1012 Fix false flags for check_validate_no_embedded_javascript.
2017-02-28 ACD-1014 Check that apps only monitor their own directory has an issue when Windows paths are used.
2017-02-28 ACD-1029 False positive in props.conf check: Check that REPORT- options in props.conf, have either DELIMS or REGEX options in the matching transforms.conf stanza.
2017-02-28 ACD-1038 Check check_source_and_binaries unpacking issue.
2017-02-28 ACD-1049 AppInspect pip install -requirements.txt fails on Win7x64 virtualenv.
2017-02-28 ACD-1051 Check cloud_checks/has_inputs_conf_with_monitor_stanza_for_self-ACD-970 fails on Windows but succeeds on macOS/OS X.
2017-02-28 ACD-1067 Fix standalone helper function.
2017-02-28 ACD-1069 Check for su flags instances of su mid-word.
2017-02-28 ACD-1096 AppInspect CLI errors when no checks are returned to list.
2017-02-28 ACD-1138 Fix check_for_advanced_xml_view_element to match correctly.
2017-02-28 ACD-1164 Always get errors on Windows about the file permission.
2017-02-28 ACD-1214 Sourcetype stanza fails props.conf check.
2017-02-28 ACD-1226 Modular inputs spec file not properly ignoring "://myschema" suffix causing false positive failures in AppInspect.
2017-02-28 ACD-1272 Windows: AppInspect CLI check check_for_expansive_permissions fails on Windows but passes on macOS/OS X.
2017-02-28 ACD-1276 Alert action icon check returns absolute path instead of a relative path in app.
2016-09-27 ACD-591 Modular inputs checks do not handle non-Python script schemes.
2016-09-27 ACD-720 Appinspect Windows: colon split bug.
2016-09-27 ACD-737 False alarm in check that all passwords configured in setup.xml are stored in the storage/passwords endpoint.