AppInspect API

The AppInspect API provides a mechanism for Splunk app developers to submit an app package via a RESTful API in preparation for submission to Splunkbase. In addition to the functionality that the AppInspect CLI tool provides, the API provides you with dynamic analysis checks. The API validates the contents of the package and provides a report against standardized criteria, including whether the app installs successfully onto instances of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud.

Splunk AppInspect is also available as a downloadable tool. For more information, see AppInspect tool.


Using AppInspect API and running the AppInspect CLI tool to vet your Splunk app may produce slightly different check results, since AppInspect API also installs your app on a virtual Splunk Enterprise instance to perform dynamic analysis/runtime checks on it. It is highly recommended that you always use AppInspect API to perform app checks for higher fidelity when connected to the Internet.

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