Get help with AppInspect

Splunk AppInspect is not supported by Splunk. However, you have several choices for getting help with AppInspect:

  • E-mail You can e-mail the AppInspect team with questions, comments, and feature requests.
  • Post on Splunk Answers. Use the tag "appinspect" to post or find questions about AppInspect.
  • Use built-in help. Type splunk-appinspect --help to view built-in help content.

Other resources

To learn more about submitting Splunk apps to Splunkbase, see:

The manual App Certification program ended in August, 2018. All apps will now be processed through AppInspect before being published, and apps that pass the automatic AppInspect checks will get a badge added to their app listing.

To learn more about AppInspect and the criteria that it checks for, see:

To learn more about developing Splunk apps, see: