Splunk AppInspect overview

Splunk AppInspect evaluates your Splunk app against a set of Splunk-defined criteria so that you can be assured of the quality and robustness of your app. AppInspect runs various checks on your app package and then produces a report that details any missed criteria. AppInspect ensures that your Splunk app is ready for production on your own Splunk Enterprise instance or for you to submit to Splunkbase.

  • AppInspect supports the Splunk Packaging Toolkit. The Packaging Toolkit is a tool for authoring, packaging, and validating a Splunk app to help improve app management, including installation, configuration, and updates.
  • The App Certification program ended in August of 2018. All apps are now processed through AppInspect before being published to Splunkbase. For details, see App certification retirement FAQs.

AppInspect evaluates the following requirements for a given Splunk app:

Splunk uses AppInspect to validate your app when you submit it for publishing on Splunkbase. You must fix any warnings and errors in the AppInspect report for your app to pass the inspection; otherwise, your app submission will fail.

Splunk AppInspect takes two forms:

  • Splunk AppInspect API

    The Splunk AppInspect API is a REST API to which you can submit a Splunk app package to be validated before you submit it to Splunkbase. The AppInspect API has the added benefit of using dynamic analysisfor higher fidelity. You must be connected to the Internet to use the AppInpect API.

  • Splunk AppInspect CLI tool

    The Splunk AppInspect CLI tool is a stand-alone Python package that you can download and install locally on your Linux, Mac, or Windows machine. The AppInspect CLI tool does not call the AppInspect API to perform checks and therefore does not require a network connection. This tool is ideal for testing Splunk apps while you're developing them.

  • Using AppInspect API and running the AppInspect CLI tool to vet your Splunk app may produce slightly different check results because AppInspect API also installs your app on a virtual Splunk Enterprise instance to perform the dynamic analysis/runtime checks. Use AppInspect API to perform app checks for higher fidelity when you are connected to the Internet.
  • Splunk AppInspect is not supported by Splunk. The AppInspect CLI tool is offered without warranty and according to the End User License Agreement (EULA) included with the download. The AppInspect service is maintained as a best effort, but has no explicit SLA. To get help using Splunk AppInspect, see Get help with AppInspect.