App certification process

The Splunk application certification program is deprecated. For more information, see the App certification retirement FAQs.

The app certification process includes three stages, during each stage a report is generated and sent to you with any issues that need to be addressed in order to proceed to the next stage. Depending on the results of the report, a stage may take more than one iteration before your app passes.

Your app will be tested against the items on the on the app certification criteria checklist in three phases:

  • Pre-check: Your app is run through a number of automated tests and the results will be flagged as either: success, failure, or manual check. Items in the manual check category will be reviewed during the next phase.
  • Code review: Your app is reviewed by a developer from the Splunk app certification team to verify the items in the manual check category meet the certification requirements. Feel free to provide any additional information that will help with the manual code review when responding to the pre-check report.
  • Security review: Your app will be reviewed by a professional security auditor to ensure that it meets the criteria outlined in the "Security vulnerabilities" section of the checklist.

If you have questions or concerns about app certification, either before starting or at any stage during the process, please contact the app certification team.

What to expect

  • We try to respond to requests within 2 business days. However, we review all applications on a first come, first served basis, so the volume of requests may affect how quickly you will hear from us. Additionally, large apps take longer to review at both the code and security stages.
  • If, at any stage, corrections to your app are necessary based on our review we will rerun the pre-check report to ensure that no new issues were introduced while making the changes.
  • During the certification process you will receive email updates as your app progresses through the stages.
  • If you submit both an app and an add-on they will move through the certification process together. Add-ons will not be certified unless the main app is also certified.

What you can do to help

  • Review our app certification criteria before submitting. Once the app certification process begins, any updates to your app other than in response to requests from the app certification team may add days to the certification process.
  • The certification process depends on your app being stable, so if you're planning a major update (or even a series of small updates) in the near future you might consider waiting to request certification. If you would like to receive a copy the pre-check report while you are still in active development, send an email requesting a report to the app certification team and it will be mailed to you, without starting the formal certification process.
  • All of your code is reviewed by a developer who has never seen your code before. Good code comments speed up the process.
  • Adding an eventgen.conf file to your app, creates sample data that helps developers understand how your app functions during the code review and reduces questions.
  • Clearly document your app's dependencies and installation procedures. In order to effectively test your app we need to know what SDKs, apps, or add-ons are required for your app to run.