Submit an app or add-on for certification

The Splunk application certification program is deprecated. For more information, see the App certification retirement FAQs.


The first step in submitting an app or add-on for certification is developing it! To learn more, see Develop an app or add-on.


Be sure that your app or add-on conforms to the following submission criteria. If your app or add-on does not meet both sets of criteria, Splunk cannot certify it.


When you are ready to package your app or add-on for submission to Splunkbase and the Splunk App Certification Program, refer to the following resources which detail the steps to take.

Document and support

Before requesting certification, ensure you have clearly documented your app or add-on, and can commit to supporting it. At a minimum, you must provide the following items in order for Splunk to certify your app or add-on.

  • Online documentation that describes how to install, configure and use your app or add-on
  • Online information detailing your support commitments, including
    • Contact information for reporting an issue (email, website, phone number)
    • Hours of operation (at least 8 hours per day, 5 days per week)
    • Holidays you or your support team observe
    • Response time users can expect when they report an issue
    • Details about how you track reported issues
    • An email address and phone number that Splunk can use to contact you with questions about your app or add-on

Submit and request certification

You can request certification when you submit your app or add-on for publication on Splunkbase. To submit, visit, then click the green Submit your app button. Follow the steps in the wizard, clicking the check box to indicate that you wish to submit your app or add-on to the Splunk App Certification Program.