View the add-on

Now that your data input is done, you can try it out. So far you've been working with the add-on project in Add-on Builder, but to see how the add-on will look to users, open it in Splunk Web.

In Splunk Web, from the Apps menu or from the home page, open the New York Times Article Search add-on. This is how the add-on will appear to end users:

To configure the add-on, open the setup page by clicking Configuration. The API key password field is displayed on the Add-on Settings tab, and this value is required to use the add-on and create data inputs:

Next, click the Inputs tab, then click Create New Input:

Fill in the form to create a data input from your configuration. Here's an example that searches for articles about hurricanes:

Now that you're done, here's a shortcut: download the project file and import the project into Add-on Builder.
Happy Splunking!

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