Create an add-on

For this walkthrough, we'll create an add-on that configures a data input to query the New York Times using the Article Search API.

On the Add-on Builder home page, click Create an add-on and enter the basic properties. For this walkthrough we'll use the following values:

  • Add-on name: Enter "New York Times Article Search".
  • Author: Enter "Splunk Docs".
  • Version: Leave the default value, "1.0.0".
  • Description: Enter "An add-on for the New York Times"
  • Visible: Select this option because the add-on will have a setup page.
  • Icon: Click Upload from My Computer to upload an image file to use as the icon for the add-on.
  • Theme color: Select a theme color for the add-on.
    When an add-on is visible, the theme color is used for the navigation bar and as the icon background on the Splunk Web apps list.

Click Create, then the Add-on Builder opens the home page for your new add-on:

>>  Continue to Configure a data input.