Use your add-on

Now let's test the add-on by using it. You don't need to install the add-on package because the add-on is already installed by the Add-on Builder as you work on it.

  1. In Splunk Web, go to Settings > Data inputs, where you'll see the Stock info data input category created by our add-on:
  2. Click Stock info.
  3. The only instance of the data input is TAB_example, which is the test input created by the Add-on Builder (don't delete it though).

  4. Click New to set up a new data input.
  5. The Add Data wizard opens. Notice the Symbol variable we defined for the input.

  6. Enter a name for the data input and a stock symbol, for example "Splunk" and "SPLK". You can also click More settings to set additional options, such as the host and index for this data.
  7. Click Next to continue.
  8. On the confirmation page, click Data inputs.
  9. The list shows the SPLK data input. Repeat this process to add more inputs for different stocks to watch.

    Now let's look at the data from these inputs.

  10. Go to Apps > Search & Reporting.
  11. In the search bar, enter the following search:
  12. sourcetype=yahoo_finance

    Notice the extracted fields listed on the left. Go ahead and start searching your data!

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