Python 2.7 End-of-Life Statement

Splunk is preparing for the Python 2.7 end of life on January 1, 2020. We know how much the Splunk platform relies on Python 2.7, as do other Splunk products, third-party applications, and integrations. We are exploring multiple solutions to adapt to this change in a way that is architecturally sound and secure.

Splunk is committed to:

  • Ensuring the stability of Splunk software installations and the Splunk platform.
  • Ensuring the security of Splunk software installations and the Splunk platform.
  • Providing sufficient, but not unlimited, time for our customers and developer community to transition.

We are looking for interested Splunk software users and developers to help us exceed your expectations by:

  • Helping Splunk understand concerns and the implications of this change on your business.
  • Being part of a customer feedback group for this change.
  • Testing and providing feedback on potential solutions.

Anyone interested in working with us to shape this next chapter for the Splunk platform should email