Release an app or add-on


Package your app

An easy way to deploy your Splunk app (or add-on) to other computers is to install the app from a package. A packaged app is is a compressed tar archive (a .tar.gz tarball) with the .spl file extension that includes the dashboards, reports, scripted and modular inputs, field extractions, workflow actions, lookups, event types, and other objects in your app. Users can install your packaged app directly using Splunk Web or the command line, and organizations can use deployment tools to distribute apps to their users.

The Packaging Toolkit provides tools for authoring, packaging, and validating a Splunk app to help improve app management, including installation, configuration, and updating the app.

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Get your app inspected

Splunk AppInspect evaluates your Splunk app against a set of Splunk-defined criteria so that you can be assured of its quality and robustness. AppInspect runs various checks on your app package, and then produces a report that clearly details any missed criteria.

If your app passes all of the AppInspect checks, your app will receive an AppInspect badge when it's published on Splunkbase.

>  Learn more about Splunk AppInspect


Publish your app

You can share your app with the world by submitting it to Splunkbase, the Splunk app and add-on marketplace. You can download apps and add-ons for use in your Splunk environment, and you can create your own Splunk apps and share them with other members of the Splunk community.

When you are ready to submit your app to Splunkbase, refer to Submit content to Splunkbase in the Working with Splunkbase manual for directions.

>  Read about Splunkbase in the Working with Splunkbase manual


Get your app vetted for Splunk Cloud

Apps running in Splunk Cloud undergo a vetting process before they can be installed. This process ensures that the app does not compromise security or pose an operations risk in the public cloud environment.

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