Quick Start

This Quick Start walks you through the process of creating an app using Splunk Web and explains how configuration files work together to create an app.

This Quick Start is aimed towards people just getting started with Splunk app development, but more experienced app developers might also find it useful. You'll learn about getting started with Splunk Enterprise and how to create an app, add data to an app, search data in an app, add visualizations to your app, and customize your app's navigation. Along the way, the Quick Start will dive into the details of how different parts of a Splunk app work together and link to more in-depth resources on individual topics.

This Quick Start contains the following sections:

At the end of this Quick Start, you'll be prepared for a more comprehensive journey into Splunk app development. For a walkthrough about how to create Splunk apps for two different use cases, see Building Splunk Solutions. For more about the general process of creating an app, see Overview of creating an app.

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