2. Convert the dashboard to HTML

Begin by converting this dashboard to HTML to start customizing it.

  1. With the Simple XML dashboard open, click the ellipses (...) button, then select Convert to HTML.
  2. Change the title to "HTML Dashboard", and change the permissions by clicking Shared in App (this keeps the HTML file in the app's folder, $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/htmldashboardtutorial). You can leave everything else as is.
  3. Click Convert Dashboard.
  4. Let's see the HTML version of the dashboard―click View.

The dashboard looks and works the same as the Simple XML version, except for the new title.

Get ready to edit the HTML. You can use Splunk's Source Editor to edit your HTML, but feel free to use your favorite text editor, preferably one that provides HTML formatting.

  • To edit the HTML in Splunk's Source Editor, from the HTML dashboard click Edit, and then click Source. When you save changes, the editor closes so you can view your changes in the dashboard.
  • To edit the source file in a separate text editor, open the HTML file ($SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/htmldashboardtutorial/local/data/ui/html/html_dashboard.html). Each time you save the HTML file with changes, refresh the app's views by opening the http://<localhost:port>/debug/refresh URL in your web browser and clicking Refresh, then reload the dashboard in your browser.

To learn more about HTML dashboards, see:

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