Bind data using tokens

The Splunk Web Framework uses tokens to provide a data-binding mechanism so that search managers and views can share a data value and stay in sync. For example, let's say you want users to be able to select an index to search from a dropdown list, and then you want to run the search again each time a selection is made. The shared data value is the index―the index that is selected from the dropdown list, and the index that the search query uses. You can link these values using a token, which is like a variable but is specified using the escape character "$". For example, in both the dropdown list and the search query, use a token called $indexName$ to hold the index variable.

The following sections describe more about using tokens:

This documentation describes how to use tokens using SplunkJS Stack in HTML dashboards and JavaScript extensions for Simple XML. For information about using tokens in Simple XML dashboards, see Token usage in dashboards in the Dashboards and Visualizations manual.