Tutorial: Create a Music dashboard

This tutorial shows how to use the SplunkJS Stack components of the Splunk Web Framework with third-party visualizations in a converted HTML dashboard to create this Music dashboard:

Music Dashboard app

We'll start out by creating a dashboard with some basic Splunk visualizations, then build on that by adding some cool features from third-party tools. If you're a JavaScript developer, you'll see that you can use the tools and technologies you already work with to create rich and compelling Splunk apps.

Here's what we'll do in this tutorial:

  1. Create the app, including the project directory structure and files.
  2. Build a basic dashboard by using the built-in Dashboard Editor, then convert the dashboard to HTML.
  3. Add an accordion widget from the jQuery UI library.
  4. Add a Sankey diagram, which is a D3 visualization.
  5. Make the dashboard views interactive.
  6. Display images from a web service using Splunk data.

Let's start with 1. Create the Music Dashboard Tutorial app.