Introduction to Splunk HTTP Event Collector

The HTTP Event Collector (HEC) is a fast and efficient way to send data to Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. Notably, HEC enables you to send data over HTTP (or HTTPS) directly to Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud from your application. HEC was created with application developers in mind, so that all it takes is a few lines of code added to an app for the app to send data. Also, HEC is token-based, so you never need to hard-code your Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud credentials in your app or supporting files. HTTP Event Collector provides a new way for developers to send application logging and metrics directly to Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud via HTTP in a highly efficient and secure manner.

For more about using HEC, see Set up and use HTTP Event Collector in Splunk Web in Getting Data In.

For more about configuring HEC with logging libraries, NGINX, or AWS Lambda, see the following topics: