Django Bindings Deprecation Notice

As of Splunk Enterprise 6.3, the Django Bindings feature of the Splunk Web Framework is officially deprecated.

What deprecation means

  • Any apps or dashboards that use Django Bindings will continue to work.
  • Django Bindings will continue to be supported in Splunk Enterprise. Splunk will continue to fix bugs and respond to support cases.
  • Splunk will no longer provide any features enhancements to the Django Bindings framework.

New app development and app migration

  • Because Splunk is no longer investing in Django Bindings, we recommend that any future development be done using other features of the Splunk Web Framework.
  • For existing apps or dashboards that use Django Bindings, while not necessary, we request that developers begin the migration process away from Django Bindings. We encourage developers to provide feedback to Splunk at if there are any issues with migration.

Notice of removal

Splunk has not yet identified a date when Django Binding will be removed from Splunk Enterprise. Splunk will provide notice at least one release in advance of removing Django Bindings from Splunk Enterprise.