Code examples for Django Bindings

Django Bindings has been deprecated. For more, see the Deprecation Notice.

This section provides end-to-end code examples for developing Splunk apps, showing how to set up and work with views and search managers using the different components of the Splunk Web Framework by using Django tags in a Django template.

Code exampleDescription
Basic templateA basic page with a chart and an events viewer displaying results from a search.
Basic template with a layoutThe same basic template as above, but with a Splunk Dashboard (dashboard.css) layout.
A collection of viewsDisplays the most common views on one page. Shows how to sync search controls to a search manager and how to populate form controls with static choices and search-based choices.
Drilldown propertiesShows the result of setting different combinations of drilldown properties for the views that allow drilldown actions.
Search controls using tokensShows how to use tokens to sync search controls to a search manager.
Search controls using eventsShows how to use change events in JavaScript to sync search controls to a search manager.