Splunk Developer Application Gallery

We've rounded up a selection of sample applications that were created using Splunk's developer platforms. Here they are.

Reference applications

A sample end-to-end solution with accompanying engineering guidance.

REST API applications

An application that uses Splunk to search Twitter, using a custom search interface.

An application that searches YouTube, indexes information about videos and users in Splunk, and makes a custom search controller to display the results.

An application that allows iPad users to login and look at their Splunk alerts.

An application that lets you interact with the endpoints in the Splunk REST API from a web page interface.

Python applications

An application that takes Twitter data from Splunk and pushes it to a reporting tool. In this example, we use a Leftronic dashboard.

A monitoring application that monitors itself and then presents data in a custom user interface.

Java applications

This application takes events from an index and saves them to a hard-coded file.