The Splunk SDK for C#

The Splunk SDK for C# has been completely rewritten to take advantage of modern .NET technologies, and is asynchronous and portable to different platforms. The SDK includes the Splunk .NET library, C# code samples, and unit tests. It makes it easy for developers to build .NET applications that can communicate with Splunk Enterprise instances, retrieve and manipulate Splunk data, and extend Splunk's capabilities.

Looking for the Splunk SDK for C# version 1.0.1?

The Splunk SDK for C# documentation provides information about how to program with the Splunk SDK for C#, and includes the Splunk SDK for C# API Reference, which provides detailed technical information about each namespace and class that comprises the SDK.

To help you quickly find the information you need to create applications with the Splunk SDK for C#, the documentation is divided into several sections:

  • Overview: Provides information for programmers migrating from the Splunk SDK for C# v1.0.x, as well as a basic overview of the SDK's contents, structure, and uses.
  • Get started: Describes how to obtain, install, and configure the Splunk SDK for C#.
  • How do I...?: Provides introductory information for programming with the Splunk SDK for C#—for example, creating a Service object, logging into Splunk Enterprise, working with reports (saved searches in Splunk Enterprise 5), working with search jobs, displaying search results, and using modular inputs.
  • Examples: Provides a set of examples of using the Splunk SDK for C# to create applications that access Splunk Enterprise.
  • Troubleshooting: Helps you troubleshoot common SDK issues.
  • C# API Reference: Describes every API contained within the Splunk SDK for C#. Clicking this link will open a new tab or window with the API reference documentation, which lives on the main Splunk documentation site.